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Anchovy Mustard

Price €6.27
ANCHOVY MUSTARD - The up- and-coming flavor in the mustard world! Saltiness and its savory umami taste make this one of our most specialized...

Apricot Mustard

Price €6.27
APRICOT MUSTARD "WACHAU": fruity, harmonious, mild RAINER H. BAUMGARTNER SAYS: "I am particularly proud of this creation: consistency, colour and...

Caraway Mustard

Price €6.27
CARAWAY MUSTARD This mustard pairs well with any pork dish. Its distinct aroma and dominant flavor come from the Urkümmel caraway seeds from the...

Cranberry Mustard

Price €6.27
CRANBERRY MUSTARD: fruity, zesty and smooth Cranberry mustard is a classic throughout Europe. Our version excels with its tart flavor combined with...

Curry Mustard

Price €6.27
CURRY MUSTARD: awesome flavor with the lingering, pleasureful aftertaste Dramatic curry taste makes this one of our most flavorful mustards....

Dill Mustard Sauce

Price €6.27
DILL MUSTARD SAUCE - Everything you could wish for from a classic dill mustard sauce!  Our Dill Mustard Sauce provides a flavorful experience...

Forest Honey Mustard

Price €6.27
FOREST HONEY MUSTARD: sweet, malty and simply addicting! This is our version of the sweet mustards made fpr the traditional Bavarian Weißwurst...

Mediterranean Mustard

Price €6.27
MEDITERRANEAN MUSTARD This Mustard features classic Mediterranean spices and a touch of lavender. Many of our clients tell us they use mustard as a...

Natural Mustard

Price €6.27
NATURAL MUSTARD Pure and natural, and made with the high quality standards of all our mustards. We use only the best ingredients gently ground in...

Orange Mustard

Price €6.27
ORANGE MUSTARD: strong and precise  Fine aroma with long-lasting palate enamel give it a wide range of applications. Ideal with fish dishes!

Pineapple Chili Mustard

Price €6.27
PINEAPPLE CHILI MUSTARD: spicy sweetness Opposites attract and combine masterfully in our Pineapple Chili Mustard. The exotic sweetness of ripe...

Plum Mustard

Price €6.27
PLUM MUSTARD: tart sweetness, light saltiness Enjoy the silky soft aroma and familiar taste of plums. Mixed with actual pieces of dried plums, this...

Poppy Seed Mustard

Price €6.27
POPPY SEED MUSTARD - hand-crushed: fragrant and intense An absolutely delightful mustard! Our blue poppy seeds come from the Almtal region of Upper...

Spicy Chili Mustard

Price €6.27
SPICY CHILI MUSTARD: fiery and invigorating Some like it hot! That’s why we created our Spicy Chili Mustard. Adventurous mustard lovers will taste...

Styrian Mustard

Price €6.27
STYRIAN MUSTARD: a delicious blend - apples, pumpkin seeds and horsderadish  Among our most special varieties, our Styrian Mustard combines...


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