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Anchovy Mustard

Price €6.27
ANCHOVY MUSTARD - The upstart in the mustard world! A very special mustard, which contains a lot of saltiness and the taste of umami. If you fall...

Apricot Mustard

Price €6.27
ABRICOT MUSTARD "WACHAU": fruity, harmonious, mild I am particularly proud of this creation: consistency, colour and taste are in complete harmony....

Barbecue Mustard

Price €6.27
GRILLSENF "SMOKED": spicy, g'tasty and with a smoky note With its ingredients garlic, pepper and above all the smoked natural salt the real...

Caraway Mustard

Price €6.27
CARAWAY MUSTARD This mustard is married to all pork dishes. The distinct aroma and taste of Almtaler Urkümmel dominate the mustard jar. This...

Chili Mustard

Price €6.27
CHILI MUSTARD: fiery, invigorating This mixture conquers everything! Fruity red paprika is the beginning on the palate, then we reach a sweet and...

Cranberry Mustard

Price €6.27
CRANBERRY MUSTARD: fruity and spicy, melting Meanwhile a classic mustard throughout Europe. We score with our mustard through tart fruit and...

Curry Mustard

Price €6.27
CURRY MUSTARD: massive, with long finish One of the most expressive mustard blends in the range. Intense and at the same time fruity and spicy....

Dill Mustard Sauce

Price €6.27
DILL MUSTARD SAUCE - Everything you could wish for from a classic dill mustard sauce!  The harmony between mustard and sweetness, balanced with...

Forest Honey Mustard

Price €6.27
FOREST HONEY MUSTARD: sweet, malty and long lasting Our friendly answer to various "Weißwurstsenfe". With its beautiful acid backbone this mustard...

Herbal Mustard

Price €6.27
HERBAL MUSTARD - Just as it should be!  An all-rounder with herbal aspirations. Spicy and refined with fresh herbs of the respective season - for...

Natural Mustard

Price €6.27
NATURAL MUSTARD Pure and straightforward, like all our mustards with the highest quality standards: best ingredients and gently ground in our...

Nut Mustard

Price €6.27
NUT MUSTARD: mild with bite  Spicy nut mix of walnut, hazelnut, almonds and cashew. With the aroma of roasted hazelnuts it gives a very full-bodied...

Pineapple Chili Mustard

Price €6.27
PINEAPPLE CHILI MUSTARD: hot This mustard has a lot of everything: exotic fruit sweetness of ripe pineapple, powerful spiciness of Scotch Bonnet...

Plum Mustard

Price €6.27
PLUM MUSTARD: tart sweetness, light saltiness Silky soft plum aroma and this familiar taste of plums mixed with pieces of dried plums result in a...

Poppy Seed Mustard

Price €6.27
POPPY SEED MUSTARD "mashed": fragrant and intensive My darling! Although it does most of the work, the poppy seeds are crushed by hand and not...

Spice Mustard

Price €6.27
SPICE MUSTARD Classic Mediterranean spices and a touch of lavender are the components. They use this mustard in the kitchen as their personal...

Styrian Mustard

Price €6.27
STYRIAN MUSTARD  A noble mustard, in which the best tastes of Styria come together. Exclusively Styrian ingredients such as pumpkin seeds, apples,...


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